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Current Release

We at Veeva are working to bring you the tools you need to participate in clinical studies and communicate with research hospitals and clinics online. See our current release notes below for information about our latest features.

April 21, 2023 Release


This release adds the new features and changes listed below. This release is available in our Android, iOS, and web apps.

  • Android App: You can download the Android app from Google Play. If you currently use our Android app, you’ll be required to update it when you next log in.
  • iOS App: You can download the iOS app update from the App Store. If you currently use our iOS app, you'll be required to update it when you next log in.
  • Web: We update our web app automatically.

Mobile App Biometrics Added

You can now use biometric information (such as face scan or fingerprint scan) to log in to the Android or iOS app and submit signed consent forms.

See Account Settings for more information.

Using biometrics to log in to the app

New Types of Survey Questions Added

You may now receive surveys containing new types of questions. The new types of questions include a drop-down menu where you can select multiple options and a text entry question where you can type in a response. You may also now receive surveys that include images or surveys that include questions which allow you to opt out of providing a response.

See Surveys for more information.

An example of a new text entry survey question with optional answers and an image

Ordered Tasks Added

You may now be required to sign consent forms or complete surveys in a specific order, and you can preview consent forms that are blocked by other consent forms before you sign them.

See Consent Forms and Surveys for more information.

Ordered surveys and consent forms on the Tasks page

Android and iOS Push Notification Enhancements Added

When you tap a push notification on an Android or iOS device with the mobile app installed, you now navigate to the task related to the notification. You can now also select your preferred notification method in your account settings.

Example of a mobile push notification taking a user to a task

See Getting Started for more information.

Visits Added

You can now view a list of your visits on the Visits page if your study team uses them. You receive notifications if a visit is scheduled, upcoming, starting soon, or if your study team makes changes to it. You can view more information about a visit by viewing its details. If a visit is a virtual visit, you can join the virtual meeting app (such as Zoom, Google Teams, Meet, or Skype) from its details.

See Visits for more information.

Visit and virtual visit details on the Visits page

Improved Hand-Drawn Signature Process Added

We’ve made the hand-drawn signature experience consistent across the web and mobile apps.

See Consent Forms for more information.

New hand-drawn signature area on a consent form in the web app

Download or Open Android or iOS App From Mobile Web App Added

If you use the MyVeeva app in a browser on your phone, we now ask you if you want to download or navigate to the Android or iOS app.

See Getting Started for more information.

Download the MyVeeva app banner in the mobile web app

Password Reset From Study Site Added

Your study site can now send a password reset email to you if you forget your password and no longer have access to the phone number we have on file. Contact your study site for more information or for help with resetting your password.