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Getting Started

Welcome to MyVeeva for Patients!

Our goal is to be your one-stop destination for communicating online with research hospitals and clinics, saving everyone time and speeding up studies. Currently, you can use MyVeeva for Patients to complete consent forms, complete surveys, view visits and join virtual visits, and view documents that study sites share with you.

You can use your MyVeeva for Patients account for different studies throughout your life, and it’s free for participants, guardians or representatives, proxies, witnesses, and translators. To log in, you’ll need to register your account in our web app after receiving an invitation from a study.

Login screen

Getting Started

Registering Your Account Registering your account is easy, secure, and familiar in MyVeeva for Patients. You'll need to register in our web app before you can log into the Android or iOS app. See the Registration and Login page for more information.
Downloading the App If you have an Android device and want to use our Android app, you can download it from Google Play. If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to use our iOS app, you can download it from the App Store. If you use our mobile web app, we ask you if you want to download the Android or iOS app instead. Otherwise, you can use our web app in your browser.
Managing Your Account Settings Once your account is created, you can manage your account settings such as your email address, password, language, and time zone in MyVeeva for Patients. See the Account Settings page for more information.
Completing Consent Forms If a study site sends a consent form to you, you can use MyVeeva for Patients to review the form, answer any included questions, and sign and submit the form. See the Consent Forms page for more information.
Taking Your Surveys If a study site assigns surveys to you, you can complete them in MyVeeva for Patients. See the Surveys page for more information.
Viewing Your Visits and Joining Your Virtual Visits If a study site schedules visits for you, you can view details about them or join them virtually in MyVeeva for Patients. See the Visits page for more information.
Viewing Your Documents If a study site shares an informational document with you, you can view and download it as a .PDF file in MyVeeva for Patients. See the Documents page for more information.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Application Description
Android App

We currently support Android version 8.0 and later for our Android app. If you have an earlier version of Android, please update your device.

iOS App

We currently support iOS version 15 and later for our iOS app. If you have an earlier version of iOS, please update your device.

Web App

We test our web app in the desktop and mobile browsers below to make sure it works well in them. The web app might work in other browsers, but we recommend that you use one of the following:

  • Apple® Safari® on Mac® and iOS
  • Google Chrome™ on Android™, Mac®, and Windows™
  • Microsoft Edge® on Windows™
  • Mozilla® Firefox® on Windows™

As of April 2022, we no longer support Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.

Supported Languages

Currently, MyVeeva for Patients supports the following languages:

  • Chinese (Singapore)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish

You can update your preferred language in your account settings. See the Account Settings page for more information.

Note When you register an account, we base your language on what the study site entered for you. If you’re having trouble registering or logging in, please contact the study site.


Notification Bell

You can view notifications you receive from MyVeeva for Patients by selecting your notification bell ( Notification bell icon ) in the Android, iOS, and web apps. If you use MyVeeva for Patients in more than one role, you can view notifications for all your roles in your notification bell.

You can tell how many new notifications you have by viewing the number on the bell. When you complete a task related to an unread notification, the notification is removed from your bell.

To clear a single notification from your bell in the Android or iOS app, swipe the notification and select Clear. If you’re using the mobile web app, swipe the notification and select the X icon ( Clear single notification button on mobile web ) . To clear a single notification from your bell in the web app, hover over the notification and select the X icon ( Clear single notification button on web ) .

To clear all notifications from your bell, select Clear All and confirm when prompted.

Push Notifications

You can enable push notifications if you use the MyVeeva for Patients Android or iOS app. The first time you log in to the app, we ask if you want to enable push notifications. When they’re enabled, we group them by type in your device’s notification center, and you can select one to automatically navigate to the related task or page. You can turn push notifications on or off in your settings.


We aim to make MyVeeva for Patients accessible to you regardless of the device you’re using or disabilities you may have. Currently, our apps provide the following features:

Alternative Text Android, iOS, Web

We support alternative text for images, and you can use a screen reader to hear it. The alternative text depends on the information that the study site includes on the consent form or survey.

Image Size Web

You can use your mobile device's functionality to zoom in and pan around images as needed.

Keyboard Navigation Web

We support keyboard navigation so you can move through the application without a mouse. For example, you can press TAB to move between items, ENTER to click a button or link, and ESC to close a dialog box. If you set your keys differently or your device or browser uses different keys, you can press your alternative.

Screen Readers Android, iOS, Web

We designed MyVeeva for Patients to work with screen readers, but the level of support may vary depending on your device, operating system, browser, and screen reader.

Screen Size Android, iOS, Web

We designed MyVeeva for Patients to adjust to your screen size so you can use the device of your choice.

Text Size Web

You can zoom in using your browser if you’re having trouble reading something such as a consent form. See the help documentation for your browser for more information.

Note If you notice an issue while using the accessibility features above, please contact your study team. They can report it to us, and we can look into it.