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Getting Started

Hello and Welcome

When you’re in a clinical trial, you will need to complete a number of activities. For this trial, you will use the MyVeeva for Patients app to complete them. These activities may include:

  • Signing consent forms
  • Answering surveys
  • Viewing upcoming visits and joining video visits

All of the information we collect is kept confidential and can only be seen by your study team.

You can also use our app 24/7 to keep track of upcoming visits and completed tasks.

To Do Tab To Dos

Managing your study activities can be hard, so we put everything you need to do in one place. The To Do tab has three sections:

  • Today: All of the forms, surveys, and visits that are available to complete or that are due today. Optional As Needed surveys are also in this section.
  • Tomorrow: All of the forms, surveys, and visits that will be required to be completed tomorrow.
  • Upcoming Visits: Upcoming video or in-person visits

To see what you have already completed, select View Completed.

Locked Items Icon Can’t select a to do?

If you can’t select a to do, it may not be available yet. Look at the date and time under the title to see when it will be available.

Notifications Icon Notifications

If you have provided an email address, we send email notifications when to dos are assigned and when they are due.

On a phone or tablet?

We recommend turning on push notifications so your device will remind you when to dos are due.

Here’s how to turn them on:

  1. Open the Account tab ( Account Tab ) .
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the open icon ( Open in External App ) next to Notifications.
  4. Turn on push notifications. Use your device settings.

Consent Icon Sign Consent Forms

Before you can participate in a study, you have to sign at least one consent form.

If your study team made their forms electronic, you can sign them using this app. Here’s how you can sign them:

  1. Open the To Do tab ( To Do Tab ) .
  2. Select the form.
    Locked Consent Form Locked form?
    That means you can review the document, but you don’t have access to sign it yet. You may need to sign other documents first, or your study team will give you a code when you can sign it.
  3. Read the form.
    Ask for Help Have questions?
    You can ask your study team for help by selecting the more options button in the header, and then select Ask for Study Help ( Ask for Help ) .
  4. Sign the form. You can sign the form in one of these ways:
    • Click or tap the signature block to sign.
    • Draw your signature in the signature field, and then select Apply.
  5. Send the form to your study team. Select Submit.

Video Visit Icon Join a Video Visit

If your study team scheduled video visits for you, you can join the visits from your device instead of in the study team’s office.

If you have a video visit scheduled, here’s how you can join it:

  1. Open the To Do tab ( To Do Tab ) .
  2. Select the video visit you want to join.
  3. Select Join Meeting.

Survey Icon Answer Surveys

As part of the study, you may be asked questions about your quality of life or health. You can answer these surveys in this app from anywhere. Your answers are confidential and will only be seen by your study team.

When a new survey needs to be answered, you’ll receive a notification for it in your email or app.

Here’s how you can answer a survey:

  1. Open the To Do tab ( To Do Tab ) .
  2. Select the survey.
  3. Select OK. The survey opens.
  4. Answer the survey questions. You can scroll up to view questions you’ve already answered.
  5. Select Submit. Your survey answers are sent to your study team.

For larger surveys, if you start them before they are due, you can take a break and come back later to finish them before the due date and time.

If you do take a break while answering a survey, when you come back, it will still be available on the To Do tab and will have Resume listed with it. When you select the survey, you will continue from where you stopped.

Ask for Help Icon Need Help?

If you have a question - don’t worry! You can ask your study team for help any time.

Select the Ask for Study Help button ( Ask for Help ) in the Study tab ( Study Tab ) .

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